Notes from TEDx

lego print advert /via

This was the closing image of my TEDx talk at Teesside University last week. I think it’s one of the most beautiful images I know. It actually brings a lump to my throat when I see it. My talk will be published in full soon – it was an incredible experience. Daunting, especially being the closing act after so many great ideas had been communicated, but exhilarating as well. I hope that I managed to impart some of the spirit of what I’ve found in my experiments in creative research at Sky. As a notorious master of the tangential ramble, it was a challenge to keep to 20 mins whilst remaining focussed on what I wanted to say.

My takeaway message, which is encapsulated neatly in the image above, from a Lego print campaign in 2006, is that in the corporate environment, we often rush toward an end product, locking it down, planning it, concerning ourselves with the minutiae of it’s execution. Letting your imagination run free, expending company time and funds on frivolous explorations of creative ideas, technology and the very nature of your organisation’s products or brand bring nothing but benefits to you in the longterm. By abstracting the central ideas from the deliverable product, we energise our teams, create better environments and workflows, and, at best, allow new paradigms for our work to emerge.

Basically, have fun again and don’t worry if your timesheet has unaccountable holes within it. One cannot quantify the experiential.

Massive thank you’s to all at Teeside University and the awesome Institute of Digital Innovation for hosting the event, and in particular to Jane Henderson who is always a pleasure to work with.