This is not the kinect hack you’re looking for

I have a massive backlog of posts to get up on this blog which I’ll address after the much needed holiday I have coming up. Things on my mind include the inaugaral Digital Shoreditch festival and summit which was brilliant, some new flash work which I’m hoping will be the seed of a great idea (btw, if there are any Children’s artists/designers reading, get in touch) and some thoughts on the new 3D technologies that are coming to your browser soon.

In the meantime, I meant to get this complete for my TEDx demonstration, but ran out of time…but couldn’t resist it. It’s not big or clever (was coded in about an hour, if that!), but it does fulfil a childhood urge which I just couldn’t resist!

This isn’t the kinect hack you’re looking for from Andy Digitonal on Vimeo.