Otherwise known as OMFG aren’t you clever adobe…

So at Max yesterday, Adobe announced the new Molehill apis for Flash. This is a suite of low-level 3d engine apis which allow flash to target native OpenGL hardware rendering for the first time, both in AIR and in browser (flash Player 10.1). Basically, it seems to me that they are squarely targeting Unity3D and flash as a gaming platform – there’s talk of flash also supporting gaming devices (imagine your ‘droid 2.2 enabled tablet running full screen gaming, controlled by a real games controller…byebye gameboy?).

Why is this cool?

Because flash is a very quick and easy platform for game development and there are loads of libraries already available…and it pulls it kicking and screaming away from the vector lines of it’s past and into a richly-rendered future. It also retargets the plugin away from the skipintro past of lurid, pointless rich content, and towards a bright future as a lightweight games development platform.

Some nice video footage here – we have never seen flash look this good before:

I think I’d better start making friends with the 3d department at work…