TEDx Talk

So here it is finally, my talk for TEDx Teeside. Looking back on it now I naturally wish that I’d applied some judicious personal editing and kept a slightly tighter focus. That said, this talk covers quite a lot of ground and has formed the basis of most of the last 6 months of my work at Sky. In this respect alone, I have a lot to talk about and this normally takes the form of a conversation rather than a lecture. Nonetheless, it’s been a privilage to be involved in the TEDx programme and to share a little of why I remain, despite the struggles and challenges, optimistic and excited about my industry.

To clarify a few points: The title for the talk was actually “Research and Creativity in the Corporate Media Environment”. I suspect the editor has mixed up the title with the Hillel Cooperman TED talk on Lego which they showed that evening at Teeside and to which I refer at the end.

The Kinect work that I showed was mostly done by other people, with the exception of the Sky News explorer which was coded by Jason Langdon in my team. I am indebted to the entire OpenKinect community for their excellent groundwork and for the two engaging examples (and apologies that I couldn’t get the model to work – the kids earlier in the day flipped for it though!), and to USC’s MxR Lab for the FAAST toolkit which we used to power a number of the demos. We await the official Microsoft SDK with baited breath.

Lastly, I could really use a decent stylist and sorry for the shot of my bum…occupational hazard ;o)

View the talk in full at Vimeo.

I am actually developing this talk a little further at the moment so if any readers are interested in me speaking at their conference or organisation in the future, please get in touch.

This is not the kinect hack you’re looking for

I have a massive backlog of posts to get up on this blog which I’ll address after the much needed holiday I have coming up. Things on my mind include the inaugaral Digital Shoreditch festival and summit which was brilliant, some new flash work which I’m hoping will be the seed of a great idea (btw, if there are any Children’s artists/designers reading, get in touch) and some thoughts on the new 3D technologies that are coming to your browser soon.

In the meantime, I meant to get this complete for my TEDx demonstration, but ran out of time…but couldn’t resist it. It’s not big or clever (was coded in about an hour, if that!), but it does fulfil a childhood urge which I just couldn’t resist!

This isn’t the kinect hack you’re looking for from Andy Digitonal on Vimeo.