Sleepy boys

This month in the new adventures of the Quinny Zapp Xtra, we have been asked to capture a very rare event – the boy sleeping in his Quinny Zapp. This has been the toughest assignment yet for me since, when Theo’s out and about, he basically doesn’t sleep. If it was in the car seat….not a problem, but in the buggy – that’s a challenge.

I think it’s something to do with the lack of sides, and the better exposure to the world, but he’s really curious in the Zapp – always looking around him and taking everything in. As our de facto shopping buggy, mostly thanks to the aforementioned ultra-manoeuvrability, this probably means that he’ll be more au fait with famous brand names than the names of farmyard animals. I’m not sure I’ll be able to contain my embarrassment in the North London father’s playgroup if his first word is “Baby Gap”.

Anyway, we went to Brent Cross (my commercial nemesis) this weekend and found, much to our delight, that a sleepy Theo could quickly be coaxed into his nap by gradually reclining the Zapp, until it was completely supine. Basically…result:

Sleeping theo in the quinny zapp

This, I can assure you, is rare enough…but add to it the joy of his brother sleeping at the same time and it’s pretty much a cosmic event on the scale of which the LHC engineers would be interested to hear about:

The quinnytwins sleep!

Quinnycasters task #2

A short post before bedtime.  Time has been, naturally, pretty thin on the ground.  The combination of a new baby and the sudden cold snap has not been good for getting out and about, but we did manage to get a quick trip to the local shopping centre a few days ago.  The Zapp Xtra is really, really beginning to make itself invaluble now that we have two kids to shift around.  My initial reservations have been largely surpassed by the sheer ease of getting it around the demanding environment of Brent Cross on a Saturday afternoon, 5 weeks before Christmas.

Theo is, basically, really, really happy in the Zapp…although it’s been kind of hard this month to get the requisite photographic evidence for this month’s task:

In the end, we had to resort to playing Theo’s favourite game….ESCAPE!

…thank the lord for the three point harness :o)

The new arrival

Very few updates lately, and this is the reason why:

Rohan photo

Rohan Ian Dobson was born last Wednesday, a little premature, but very well.  He’s sleeping next to me as I type in fact.  Pregnancy is never kind to my Mrs and so we had kept things fairly quiet so as not to make too much fuss, but we’re very happy to have him home.  So that’s 2 kids and a Citroen Xsara Picasso…not quite sure if I could be more ‘dad’ if I tried.  I’ll have to start drinking real ale and making bad jokes next.  Unlike our first kid, Theo, we didn’t have a name for this one up front.  Alexander and Finlay were both contenders but we were never really that convinced.  I came up with Rohan on flicking through a babynames book a couple of days after he was born.  It means ‘little red-headed one’ and I thought this was suitably apt.

This has also meant that I have fallen behind on my quinnycasters assignment so in the meantime, here’s a quick video we shot as we brought Rohan home from hospital in the Zapp.  I’ll write another post about this soon, but suffice to say that my initial doubts about this pushchair have been eased somewhat – it’s really found it’s niche in our life now.

Bringing Rohan home on YouTube

Quinny gallery

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I’ll maintain this post with photos from the set as I go along.