Hepworth's string - an emulation

hepworth detail

Below is a programmatic response to the Barbara Hepworth exhibition currently at the Tate Britain. I've always been struck with the similarities between Hepworth's forms and the mathematical models which I used to look at in the Science Museum as a kid. The recent retrospective of Hepworth's works at the Tate makes quite a point of this influence. String being pulled between points along the curve and the barely tangible geometry which results. Curves and lines suggested by the intersection of straight lines. I got home tonight and wanted to try to code something to emulate it. The below is a very simple response to the work, to be developed more fully to incorporate the kind of arced lines which Hepworth utilises in her forms. I just wanted to get this out of my system first!


Click/touch and drag to draw a line. You can toggle between which lines you're drawing below. You can also set the complexity of the grid using the slider.

Toggle between lines


Set the line number here


Press to draw random lines

This page uses EaselJS and nouislider. The source code can be found at github. All code may be reused with attribution to @andrewdotdobson.