Nescafe Barista Plus

Client: Nescafe

Agency: Publicis•Poke


Nescafé's first foray into out of home experiential for the Azera brand and a big challenge to make this more than just another pop-up coffee shack. In fact they weren't just trying a bit of brand boosting, they were serious about providing a new destination for on-the-go coffee, powered by their bean to cup machines and a premium brand beloved by consumers that like their coffee hipster-free.

We solved it by leaning into the values of community and designing an experience which tapped on local produce, local artists and gave an otherwise unremarkable container pop up some true brand character.

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The technology elements of the experience were both brand-boosting and practical. A custom jukebox application running off a rasberry pi gave staff-curated playlists a personal touch rather than just whatever Spotify had to offer, and an online ordering system meant that you could be picking up your coffee without a queue. Menus were digital and could be updated remotely, along with a bespoke DOOH system which my team built to provide valuable messaging space embedded into the heart of the experience.

The project ran across the summer of 2021 in Reading before finding a permenant home on the South coast and served up over 50,000 cups to shoppers outside the Oracle shopping centre.