A selection of articles, blog posts and other thoughts from across my work.

Isolation in the tech driven world

The first of three provocations written for the Project Angel work, in which I lay down a challenge to our global tech giant client to consider the impacts of how we've built the digital world, and suggest some ways in which we might serve people better.

Is Solitude the Answer?

The second of the Project Angel pieces, in which we explore if our desire to be connected is fueling our feeling of isolation, and if embracing solitude is a helpful answer.

A new relationship with technology

Part three of the Project Angel provocations where we look to see what solutions there might be in how we design our digital world.ß

QR and NFC - no longer the ugly ducklings of marketing technology

A piece for Marketing Week, written a year before COVID-19 lockdowns made QR Codes a vital part of the UK's digital toolbox, which explored why the much maligned QR and NFC technologies still had an important part to play in the brand marketing landscape.

The rise of AI Influencers

A piece to accompany my presentation to Social Media Week London in 2019 on the subject of virtual and AI influencers. I was invited to speak at this conference on the back of our activation for EE's 2019 BAFTA Red Carpet sponsorship in which we co-opted virtual influencer Shudu to perform a brand ambassador role, giving her a physical presence on the carpet. These are a few learnings from that experience and some thoughts on why these influencers are here to stay.